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">I was both inspired and entertained while learning the basics of First Aid." Jen"

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Your first choice for medical and safety services. Since 1994, Vital Signs has provided an exceptional service to the province of Alberta in medical and safety staffing and training.  Vital Signs has been actively involved in the development and operation of health centres and emergency response plans in private industry.  We offer creative solutions to help meet your specific needs.

  • Nursing/EMS/Safety staffing for short or long term placements
  • High angle rescue team
  • Mobile 20 ft. & 34 ft. trailers to be used as offices, shower units, first aid & safety trainers.  All trailers are equipped with heating/air conditioning and meet workplace health and safety regulations
  • Ambulances and Emergency Transfer Vehicles (ETV)
  • Up to date online course schedules and reservation system
  • Automatic email re-certification notices
  • Onsite group-specific training or flexible courses scheduled at our downtown Edmonton training centre

As a training and educational organization, we believe the following of all of our courses

  • Experiential courses balancing the practical and theoretical
  • Knowledgeable trainers and personalized instruction to suit group specific needs
  • Flexible instructional methods to accommodate all learning types

We look forward to working with you to accomplish all of your organizational health and safety goals.




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