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Privacy Statement

We are committed to safeguarding your privacy online. This statement is set out to outline how we make use of the information you submit to us during registration. The terms contained on this page may be revised from time to time. Visit this page periodically to review the current terms of our policy.

Personal Information
Personal information is requested when you register to be a student. During registration, you are asked to provide essential personal information, that will be used for accounting and instructional purposes  NO PART OF THE INFORMATION YOU HAVE PROVIDED WILL BE SOLD, DISCLOSED, OR MADE ACCESSIBLE BY THIRD-PARTIES OR BY THE PUBLIC. Only your account administrator, our staff and our instructors will have access to the information you provide. All private information is stored outside the web site, and is behind a password protected firewall to effectively prevent hackers from obtaining your information.

All payment transactions performed on our website are secure, meaning that your information is encrypted using 128-bit SSL Channel Encryption (Financial Institute Standard). It is our commitment to you to always maintain the security of this site and of all information entrusted to our care.   Your full credit information is not stored on our website.

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